Generic Snapshot Template for Microsoft Word and Excel

These files can assist you in developing a Snapshot using Microsoft Excel and/or Word.


To begin, download and fill in the Worksheet to determine the content. Once you have done that, the Excel file can be used to design your snapshot by copying in components like text boxes, figures, timelines, etc. in the 'components' sheet into the 'Snapshot Canvas' sheet.  Then fill in each component with real information.  


 An alternate Canvas is provided in Word, if you prefer a word processing program.. If you do use Word, make sure that the components that you copy and paste in from Excel or any photo that you insert is positioned so that it is in front of the text. (select: Layout options/ "In front of text").  That way you can move things around easily.


Adjust the size of components and sections as needed, and move things around if that looks better.  It is easy to change any shape (e.g. from a box to a circle) in the template by using the 'Edit Shape' function.  This is under 'Drawing Tools / Format' in both programs.


Once you have a section designed, you can adjust the colour sheme to match your organization's by using the colour themes in the  Page Layout tab in Excel or the Design tab in Word. 


The file can be saved as PDF or printed directly.   You can easily pull some of the content out for other uses.