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Calculate a return on investment (ROI) for new software like a CRM to make a case for purchase
Several tools that can assist consultants to use Demonstrating Value
Sample surveys and guidance on getting feedback from your customers
Resource module with Workbook, Indicators and Templates
Step by step process to track the performance and value of your organization.
Track and show the support you provide to target employees to help them succeed
Survey, analysis and communciation tools to demonstrate the value of farmers markets.
Introduction to financial management fundamentals for social enterprises
Ratios that you may want to use to improve your understanding of financial results.
Use this resource to get started with Demonstrating Value
What to consider when you are choosing a Client Relationship Management System.
Identify and value the hidden costs and non-cash contributions of your social enterprise.
Understand all the ways that you create value in your community by mapping out your impact
Guidance on how to address privacy and confidentiality concerns in monitoring
How resilient is your organization? Assess your strengths and weaknesses
Measurement approaches and evidence of the social impacts of affordable housing.
Ideas and links to resources for tracking the performance and impact of green building.
Ideas and links to resources to track the impact of targetted employment programs
Assess workplace practices, community leadership and environmental practices
Worksheet to analyze the costs that are unique to your social and/or environmental mission.
Revisit the expectations for starting a social enterprise to evaluate its success
A prototype calculator for estimating societal costs
Track data relating to your employment relationship with 'targetted' employees
Holistic approach for tracking how individuals who are marginalized stabilize their lives and build assets
Ideas and links to resources for tracking cultural empowerment and awareness
Ideas and resource links for tracking the results of providing resources to those in need.
Ideas and resource links for looking at how a neighbourhood is developing
Ideas and resource links for tracking and expressing the value of recycling
Ideas and links to resources to track your financials, customers and operations.
Excel workbook to help you analyse the double bottom line of your social enterprise