Sales and Marketing

We are developing enduring relationships with customers% customers with a relationship >x years (customer loyalty)
% willingness to reorder  / return
# returning customers
We meet customer needslist of comments provided by customers in survey
% customers that report they are 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied'
# times services have been redone or refunded
list of needs met by product/service
% customers who recommend services
We are attracting more customers# new customers
# total customers
# customers by referral source/region/product or service
% market (# customers/# potential customers)
map of geographic spread of business
We have customers that are aligned with our mission% customers who indicate that they value our mission
We are attracting more customers$ revenues generated by new customers
We have effective marketing and sales# sales/contracts finalized
list of current/recent marketing initiatives
# sales leads
$ value of sales leads (potential revenue)
sales conversion rate
$ sales 
# sales leads by type of marketing campaign
% advertising utilization rate
# units purchased
We have increasing sales of products/services with greater profit margins% sales growth by product/service

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