Other Organizational Sustainability

We have the systems and processes to adapt to new challenges and opportunitieslist of key strategic initiatives undertaken/completed
budget devoted to capacity building
success of technology initiatives*
% process documentation completed
We have a solid assets and are financially sustainableaccumulated annual surplus (operating reserve)
# customers accounting for x% of sales
$ or % revenue by source
debt/asset ratio (if managing debt)
current Ratio (current assets / current liabilities)  
revenues lost to inadequate assets
Key partners in the community appreciate and trust us# complaints or withdrawals of support
list of ways the community supports what you do
feedback from partners
We enable our parent organization to be more financial sustainable (This applies to some social enterprises)list of the use(s) of surplus generated 
$ value of revenues (and/or profit) generated 
for non-profit parent organization
We show leadership, and have considerable experience and expertisecombined years of staff experience
board profile
list of awards/achievements/milestones
years in operation
change in scale/scope offered (products, markets…)
# and type of media exposure
Key stakeholders appreciate and trust the program# complaints or withdrawals of __(stakeholder group)__
% of __(stakeholder group)__ that are satisfied with the program
% of __(stakeholder group)__ that recommend program
% cumulative average satisfaction score of specific stakeholders
We meet the needs of __(particular stakeholder group)__Description of connection points
Relevant corporate-wide performance indicators

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