Local Food

Things that you may want to show in your Snapshot
To make nutritious food accessible and available to all# Meals prepared and served
Number of Community Gardens
Nutritional contribution of community gardening.
# food retailers in a specific area
Local producers are better connected to local consumersNumber and location of Farmers Markets
Number of farmers selling at Farmers’ Markets
# alternative retailers in a community (e.g., co-ops, farmers markets)
Local farmers improve their incomeGross receipts
Ratio of Farm Business Operating Expenses to Gross Receipts (2000, 2005)
Stronger local food economy# people employed in primary and secondary food industry
Number and types of food processors
More farms adopt sustainable farming practices# of organic farms
We see the preservation (and expansion) of farmlandtotal area of farmland in a region
Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion and Inclusions (BC specific)
Availability of agricultural land to new farmers
area of agricultural land converted to other uses
Local farming is viable and growing# farms
Average age of farmers
# of farm operators
Average farm size
Number and percent of large, medium, and small farms
Farming employment and income, including off-farm income
Census of Agriculture Farm operators' income provided by farm types
Total farm capital (market value $)
Extent of producers’ debt

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