Land and Resource Stewardship

We’re improving land and natural resource use practices.Practice Adoption rate (# or %) 
Certifications (# or %)
Regulatory compliance (list of infractions)
Reduction of undesirable practices (% reduction)
We are conserving natural areas.Land conserved (km2)
Site Quality (list or mapping of ecosystem type, condition, unique features)
Quality of protection (list of mapping of land tenure, land use, access points, roads, conservation covenants)
We are restoring natural areas.Indicators specific to type of restoration activities. Common restoration activities (stream restoration, bioremediation, species re-introduction, evasive species removal) have standard indictors that are measured.
We are improving ecosystem integritySelect indicators that represent key elements of an ecosystem. This could include indicators that relate to ecosystem drivers (like precipitation, snowpack, streamflow, water temperature, water quality, and unexpected weather conditions), natural disturbances, and biodiversity. A number of different frameworks have also been advanced to guide monitoring, for instance, Watershed Report Cards and Bio-inventory Mapping

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