Human Capital

Our board and staff have strong connections with the local community# Board Local Connectedness
We have considerable experience and expertise in this fieldListing of projects during last year (shown as a word cloud)
# projects completed 
Examples of projects
List of achievements/milestones
List of Employees and current contractors
# years experience
We attract volunteers # volunteers
# volunteer hours in a specific time period
We value of the time donated by our volunteers$ value of volunteer hours
We have a growing, engaged membership base for our co-op# members participating in specific activities  (or expressed as share of total)
% Members satisfied with co-op
Anecdotes/ quotes from members that highlight their experiences
% members coming from referrals
Profile of cooperative member demographics (gender, age, residence)
# total members
# new members
# returning members
We attract and keep the right peopleturnover rate
recruitment source
reasons for leaving
absenteeism rate
overall satisfaction
skills needed/available
diversity (# / % of specific demographic)
We are successful in supporting people to accomplish their goalssatisfaction with development opportunities
completion of performance plans and reviews
training and mentorship opportunities
(existence of, take-up and satisfaction with)
People are compensated wellemployee’s view of the benefits and compensation
$ hourly wage compared to industry standard
$ value of benefits compared to industry standard
use of benefits