We accurately diagnose and provide appropriate services / treatmentdescription of diagnostic process
# errors
staffing ratio (e.g. # patients per staff)
We increase the skill and confidence of staff/caregivers self-reported scores
We meet needs that are complex% participants/patients with multiple chronic conditions
We reach people in a timely way# delays in care
Wait times (days)
We understand the challenge and needs of the population Diagram that illustrates the uniqueness/appropriateness of the intervention model
We reduce the level of stress for individuals and their families Anecdotes / quotes from focus groups and studies that highlight areas of achievement
We are improving Quality of LifeChanges in quality of life as represented by the use of Quality of Life assessment tools before and after the program's intervention
We are improving Health OutcomesSee Canadian Institute for Health Information's Health Outcomes Indicator  (or your country's equivalent)
We are improving Health System Performance OutcomesSee Canadian Institute for Health Information's Health System Performance Indicators (or your country's equivalent)