Green Economy

We are changing practices in consumption, production (and building), transportation and disposal.  Shares of competing options to provide a service. For example, mode shares per person kilometre travelled,  share of households that use geothermal energy for space heating relative to electric baseboards, etc. 
We are changing how materials, energy and water are used.Quantity and type(s) of material, energy and/or water used in an activity or product. For example, GJ, KWh or physical units for energy (which can be transformed using conversion factors), litres or cubic metres for water, weight or volume dimensions for materials. 
We are changing the levels and frequency of pollution, waste and environmental damage.Greenhouse Gas emissions (t CO2e)
Criteria Air Contaminant emissions 
Organic matter in water, e.g. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Detection of pathogens
Pollutant concentration


Showing the Value of Green Building

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