Demonstrating Value offers simple management solutions that enable you to use information and data more effectively to run your organization, plan for the future and show your value to the community. Demonstrating Value combines performance monitoring with social impact evaluation in a compact and powerful communication tool.


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Tools like Survey Monkey and Fluid Survey are low or no-cost, easy to use and accessible to anyone with e-mail.   But this also means there are many more surveys out there as well as other competing demands on people’s attention.   It is more important than ever, to design an effective survey that yields data that you can act on.  


Here are some design tips to help:

1. Keep it simple.  Use straight forward wording in the level of language used by the respondent. Also consider a simple design with limited graphics and fonts.


2. Be clear about your intentions. Respondents are more likely to help you if they see something of positive value for them. So take the time to set out why you are asking for this info; what you do with the data; how you will respect privacy and confidentiality.



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