Cultural Empowerment

We are empowering people to be proud of their cultural identity  Track the number of members from that culture who are meaningfully engaged in your program / social enterprise
Survey those directly involved to establish the extent (if any) of changes in perceptions of themselves as members of the cultural group (cultural pride).
Indicators that represent the strength and practice of culture in a community.
Portray how community members interact with the enterprise/program (number and in what capacities).
We are improving general awareness and perception of our cultureChanges in public awareness surrounding the history, language, art, etc. of the cultural group, as demonstrated by media, survey or story.
Actions in support of promoting/preserving the culture of particular cultural group.

Cultural Industries

The lives of the artists involved in our organization are improvingchange in visibility / careers
change in artist's revenues
portion of local or alternative cultural content
We are reaching an audience with our work. # participation / attendance / traffic (e.g. in a gallery)
track satisfaction
track media
Number of activities / events held
We are providing a means for artists to develop their livelihoodnumber of artists, craftspeople or performers who are associated / work for the enterprise


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