Cross Cutting Mission

We address an important and meaningful community issueIndicators drawn from research about the issue that shows the need
Quote highlighting the seriousness of the problem
Anecdotes/ quotes from people that highlight the challenge / issue area
Images that highlight the challenge/issue/success area
We connect individuals to resources according to their needsIllustrative example that shows this
Profile of individual who benefited from services /program
We provide benefits that exceed those offered elsewhereList of benefits of particular program/service/product
We reduce (taxpayer, public) costs to deliver the same or better outcomesExample that illustrates the difference in the cost of your alternative relative to standard practice
Social Return on Investment or Cost Benefit Analysis
We know that our message is being heard;  We are influencing policy change# of media coverage events, # of photos in paper
changes in rhetoric, position and actions of those you are targetting with your advocacy efforts
We provide useful and relevant resources# resources accessed on the website 
# resources shared by users (via social media from website)
List of top 5 search terms
List of top 5 resources accessed
We serve the needs of other programs within our organization and community# Unique referrals to our website
Top 3 community referral websites
We connect individuals with with programs and services according to their needsFigure that shows connection points
Many people benefit from our services# persons served (could be broken down by gender, age, other sub-groups, service received)
# persons that are served by multiple services
We meet needs relative to service demand Demand projection for program
$ (estimated)  Investment needed to meet demand
# services provided (overall, per person)
# estimated cases  (by area, by year)
We reach people beyond the core service area% increase clients/participants outside of area of operation
We attract people to our Website # visits to website
# visits to specific sections of website
We improve knowledge about a practice and/or issue% cumulative average change in scores (test scores, self-reported, observed)
# people who complete workshop/course/training opportunity
Individuals, households…(etc.) put into practice what they've learnedQuotes from participants that highlight  achievements
Examples of Pledges and Actions undertaken
Participants appreciate the program% participants who recommend program
We influence the standard of practice# cases where alternative replaced standard practice

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