Community Partners

Collaboration is central to Demonstrating Value's work.   In our eight year history, many different people and organizations have been involved in advancing Demonstrating Value's knowledge and tools for measuring and demonstrating the value of social innovation. (Read more about our history here). We currently have a network of Community Partners that are actively involved in advancing Demonstrating Value's approach to measurement. Community Partners contribute different skills and talents to Demonstrating Value. This includes engaging in new research and development projects, contributing to our blog, holding workshops, and in some cases, providing one-on-one coaching and technical support.  


Current Partners:








Interested in becoming a Community Partner?    

Please contact Demonstrating Value if you are interested in becoming a Community Partner.  Eligibility includes organizations that:

  • Currently apply DV tools in their work, either as Consultants, Investors or Social Enterprises/Ventures

  • Have proven experience in applying DV tools and believe in DV’s approach to measurement.

  • Have contributed resources to advance the DV tool base.