New Project to Develop Specific Tools for Co-operatives

Co-operatives create multifaceted value for their members and communities.  They are often formed to respond to specific economic challenges, and create complex social value that is not adequately presented through standard accounting tools.   In response to this challenge, Vancity Community Foundation, in conjunction with the Demonstrating Value Initiative, is launching a project to develop a Performance Snapshot template that responds to the specific management and stakeholder engagement needs of co-operatives. 


As many of you many know, the Performance Snapshot is a management tool that creates an integrated picture of an organization’s performance and that can be used directly in operational decision-making, planning and stakeholder engagement. 

In developing a Performance Snapshot template that is specific to the needs of co-operatives, VCF will be:

  • Conducting research into indicators and tools that relate to measuring the business performance, mission impact and organizational sustainability of co-operatives.
  • Asking co-operatives what they want to be able to measure, specifically around the value they create for their members and community, as well as measures that can be useful to guide operational decisions and planning.
  • Designing one or more performance snapshot templates.

We will further refine the templates based on feedback from co-operatives that apply it.

How to become involved

VCF is looking for co-operatives to participate in a short survey (5-10 minutes) that asks for your input about what you'd like to be able to show to your members, community, and policy makers about the value of your co-operative. This can be accessed at:

If you would like to develop your own Performance Snapshot based on the template when it becomes available, please contact Bryn Sadownik directly using the contact form on the Demonstrating Value Website.


The final templates and a research report that summarizes their development will be made available on the Demonstrating Value website.


This research is made possible through a grant from the Centre of Excellence in Accounting and Reporting for Co-operatives (CEARC) at St. Mary’s University.



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