Affordable Housing

We address critical housing needs in the communitydescription of who is will be housed by the project
description of how intervention addresses gaps in a housing continuum
We improve the local economychange in property values
# jobs and spending generated from construction
We improve the mix of housing options in a communitychange in the breakdown of housing in the neighbourhood (rental vs. ownership; housing prices)
We increase community Well-being and inclusioncommunity indicators relating to social, economic and environmental outcomes
homeless count
We design and operate housing to facilitate community involvement, health and personal developmenthousing and neighbourhood quality assessment tools
Individuals and households are accessing housing and services and improving their housing situation# of people/families placed in more stable housing
# of different people/families receiving any housing loss prevention services
# people/families who maintained housing for at least 3 months
# of program referrals
Individuals and families stabilize their lives and improve their quality of life. # people/familites that transition to more stable housing (in housing continuum)
case studies / narrative that illustrate transition

quality of life survey tools


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