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Though I don’t follow baseball much, I do know enough that stats are a big part of the game. Thus this anecdote in Michael J. Mauboussin's article "The True Measures of Success" in the Harvard Business Review is pretty interesting:


"Baseball managers used to focus on a basic number—team batting average—when they talked about scoring runs. But after doing a proper statistical analysis, the A’s front office recognized that a player’s ability to get on base was a much better predictor of how many runs he would score."

They go on to recruit players with this ability, and do well by it.

What is interesting about this anecdote is that baseball teams aren't the only ones to...

Over the past few years, I have often heard that  ‘Vancouver is the second least affordable city in the world.’  I usually use this metric to feel sorry for myself that I didn’t buy real estate right when I moved here 20 years ago.


When people say the word "world", I usually picture this:



Apparently it’s second most expensive in a world of only 9 countries.    Last time I checked (on Google) there were 265 countries!  While the snob in me loves to be compared only to such cities as Tokyo, London and Paris, the picture actually changes a lot when other countries are brought into the equation. Jim Sutherland takes this up in an article, Vancouvers problem isn't high housing costs...

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